BOSTON (CBS) – A wild week for Ace Ticket — spoiled Boston fans ready once again to shell out big money for another championship series.

“It’s been crazy; the demand has been out of control. Price-wise games 1 and 2 are right around $500 apiece. Game 5 which could potentially be a clincher, hopefully for the Bruins, and then game 7 would be the most expensive,” said Ace Ticket sales manager Ryan Kelley.

Fans who know their limits will cheer on the B’s on a budget.

“It’s too much money for me. I will be watching from my house; it’s my lucky seat and they’ve won every single time I was there,” said Medford Bruins fan David Feeley.

But for those still hoping to catch the action in person, Boston Police and authorized ticket agents are warning fans not to get swept up by any seemingly sweet deals.

“What you don’t want to do is get just a screenshot from someone. If you’re going on Craigslist or it’s some guy in the street with a deal that seems a little too good to be true, it probably is,” Kelley added.

Fans are discouraged from sharing photos of their tickets on social media. Scalpers can make counterfeits from the codes in online images — potentially making your real tickets invalid.

Juli McDonald