BOSTON (CBS) – Spring has sprung, and it smells amazing as you walk into your local garden center this time of year. If you are picking out flowers for the first time, it can be overwhelming with so many beautiful flowers to pick from. So we met up with Mark Saidnawey from Pemberton Farms to get some advice.

The first thing you need to know is that garden centers try to make it easy. They put the shady flowers in the greenhouse or in a shady spot, and they put flowers that need full sun right outside.

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While impatiens are the most popular, there are a few new colors and varieties available – like blue rosebud impatiens – to look for. They can be found in containers to be planted in the ground or in a hanging basket. Looking up in the garden center at Pemberton Farms, you’ll also notice a lot of gorgeous baskets filled with different varieties of flowers, like the eye-catching pink and purple fuchsias and delicate angel wing begonias.

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Stepping outside, a rainbow of colors from different types of full-sun flowers will greet you. One of Mark’s favorite is the yellow, white or purple daisy. Any combination of full-sun flowers would work well in a hanging basket. Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to pick up these blooming flowers, as everything is out for you to choose from!

If you grab a bunch of different plants and flowers and forget which ones need shade or full sun, don’t worry. Each plant comes with a tag to keep you informed on how much sunlight is needed, making it foolproof for any gardener.

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Happy gardening and please share your flower/plant pictures with us on social media! Tweet me at @SarahWroblewski.

Sarah Wroblewski