By Sarah Wroblewski

BOSTON (CBS) — Finally we are approaching Memorial Day and if you waited to get your garden ready, that was a great idea. It was a cool spring and some of the sensitive vegetables would not have survived.

Now that it is a little warmer, we headed back to Pemberton Farms in Cambridge and met up with Mark Saidnaway to get a good idea of what we can plant now.

Most plants are available at your local nursery, but there are so many different varieties of vegetables like peppers and tomatoes to choose from. Right now, the hot ticket is hot ‘flaming’ peppers, that’s what everyone seems to be planting!

Before you pick your plants, know where you want to put your new veggies. Make sure you have enough sunlight and a big enough space for them to grow.

Pemberton Farms in Cambridge (WBZ-TV)

If you plan to put your new plants in a pot, patio tomatoes are a great choice. Really any determinate tomato plant will work as they won’t grow really tall reaching a height between three to four feet.

When planting, stick to only one plant per container with enough soil and fertilizer. If you’re lucky and it continues to grow, supports will help the tomatoes plant from falling over.

No matter what you decide to plant this spring, enjoy!

Sarah Wroblewski