WESTBORO (CBS) – Drivers who have an EZ Pass can now use it to pay for gasoline at a gas station in Westboro.

The All Town Mobil on Route 9 has teamed up with PayByCar to become the first location in the country where you can use an electronic tolling pass to pay for your gas transactions, according to PayByCar president Anand Raman.

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“We are bringing the same level of simplicity to your everyday transactions starting with gas,” he told WBZ-TV.

Once a driver enrolls online, sensors at the gas station authenticate the presence of the vehicle, as well as the cell phone linked to the account. Drivers then get a simple text and respond with what pump number they’re at.

(Image credit: PayByCar)

“By the time you show up there all the steps are done. All you need to do is pick up, fuel, put back and drive away,” Raman said.

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He claims it shaves up to 80 seconds off a typical four minute pump transaction, and is actually safer than running your card.

“If somebody has to to do any fraudulent things with your account they have to steal your car and your phone,” Raman said.

“You don’t have to worry about possibly losing your credit card information or swiper because it’s linked to EZ Pass, so I think it will work out great,” a driver told WBZ.

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PayByCar president Anand Raman. (WBZ-TV)

Raman says they’re already seeing repeat usage among the drivers enrolled, and if all goes well, they plan on expanding the service to EZ Pass users around the country.