BOSTON (CBS) – The TSA is reminding travelers not to take guns through airport security after two separate incidents at Logan Airport on Sunday.

A spokeswoman for the agency tweeted that officers found two loaded 9mm handguns in the carry-on bags of two flyers.

“The incidents were not related other than the fact that both men got in trouble with the police,” she said.

This was the fifth and sixth times guns have been confiscated at a Logan Airport checkpoint. A TSA agent spotted the guns inside an X-ray machine in both cases.  Police arrested an Arizona man in one incident and a cited a Rindge, New Hampshire man on weapons charges in the other.

The TSA’s website states that firearms are not allowed in carry-on baggage, and gun owners must follow special instructions to transport them in checked bags. The fine for a first offense of carrying a gun into a TSA checkpoint is typically $3,900.



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