BOSTON (CBS) — Six Super Bowl trophies and being near the top of numerous passing stats isn’t enough for Tom Brady. The 41-year-old appears ready to prove to the world that he’s a worthy rusher as well.

Brady has never set the world on fire with his speed, and it took him 19 seasons to reach the 1,000 rushing yard mark for his career. But since the Patriots have shifted their offensive focus toward their ground attack, it appears Brady is following suit based on a Thursday morning Tweet:

He has the grace of a gazelle. A beautiful, beautiful gazelle person.

But seeing as it took Brady 19 seasons to hit the century mark for rushing yards, and he usually picks them up one yard at a time, he may have to stick around for a while to reach 2,000 for his career. With a new goal apparently in his crosshairs, maybe Brady will now play until his 50s, which is a lot more likely than him rushing for another 1,000 yards.


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