MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – Police arrested a 25-year-old woman in Manchester, New Hampshire on Wednesday night after a chaotic scene in a convenience store.

An officer responded to the Kenoco gas station on Elm Street at about 8 p.m. for a report of a woman “throwing items around the store.”

“When Manchester police arrived they found somebody in the back of the store. They later identified her as 25-year-old Beth Whittaker and she was just pacing back and forth,” said Heather Hamel of the Manchester Police Department.

Police said Whittaker threw a bag of charcoal at the officer and missed.

“The officer deployed his taser but it had no effect on Whittaker,” police said in a statement. “She then got a large glass bottle of S. Pellegrino water and held it over her head like a club and screamed at the officer to get away from her.”

The officer was able to get the woman on the ground and arrest her.

Beth Whittaker (Photo credit: Manchester police)

Police then helped a store clerk who suffered a bloody nose. He said Whittaker tried to steal some items from the store and he grabbed her by the backpack and dragged her back inside.

“I stepped in front of the door, so she went to the back of the store and she started throwing things off the shelves she started throwing things at me,” said clerk Arron Disorda.

Surveillance video of Beth Whittaker inside Kenoco (WBZ-TV)

Disorda said that during the struggle, Whittaker grabbed an 18-pack of alcohol. When he grabbed the can from her, he said she hit him with a wine bottle.

“I managed to get the can, but then she hit me in the face with a bottle. After that, I kinda… it was a little fuzzy.” Disorda said.

Whittaker is facing several charges, including first degree assault, resisting arrest and violation of bail conditions. She was set to be arraigned in Manchester Circuit Court in the morning and then Hillsboro Superior Court later for the felony charges.


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