BOSTON (CBS) — A surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital is accused of driving drunk when he struck three people with his car Friday night. Michael Watkins was arraigned in Boston Municipal Court Tuesday and released on $1500 cash bail.

Prosecutors say Watkins, 64, was drunk when he hit three people in a crosswalk at the intersection of Columbus Avenue and Clarendon Street Friday night. Police found him in his car on Tremont Street shortly after the crash.

Watkins is a vascular surgeon and has been practicing for over 20 years.

Michael Watkins appeared in Boston Municipal Court Tuesday (WBZ-TV)

The two women and one man hit were taken to nearby hospitals with minor injuries. Five other people at the scene claimed to be with the victims and also witnessed the crash, prosecutors said.

“The first victim told the officers that he was with the group as they were walking into the crosswalk, they heard the vehicle that ultimately hit them beep at the group. Then he said that his friend looked at the vehicle and pointed at the walk signs and signals to indicate to the vehicle that they had the right of way in the crosswalk. At that point, the witness told the officers that the driver of the vehicle beeped four times and then proceeded to slam on the gas and strike the three victims,” a prosecutor told the judge.

Defense attorney Jack Diamond said, “[Watkins] indicted to me that there was a vehicle, as he was coming up, double-packed in that crosswalk. The door flew open, he was beeping the horn at that vehicle.”

A statement from Mass. General Hospital said: “The thoughts of the MGH community are with all those who have been affected by this very difficult and unfortunate incident. We wish the pedestrians involved a full and speedy recovery. Dr. Michael Watkins is a highly regarded senior vascular surgeon who has long been a leader on the MGH medical staff as well as in the community. The hospital continues to follow this matter closely and will determine what action to take after more information is available.”

Watkins was charged with three counts of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, three counts of leaving the scene with personal injury, and operating under the influence.

He is due back in court on July 30 for a pre-trial hearing.

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  1. Jay Srinivasan says:

    MGH has such a lousy follow up, I never got a single call from the doctor in 10 months as to how am I doing? For him, I am just another number. He got his money and he moved on. There are plenty of ignorant patients waiting to see him.

    MGH is a like a McDonalds.. You go to McDonalds and order a meal and pay the money and get out and their relationship with you is over. It is the same case with MGH. They are huge operation with revenue in mind. They have to keep the beds occupied to cover the costs. They have over 200 operating rooms and they have to keep them occupied. They have to take care of nearly 60,000 employees whose salary needs to be paid. So it is nothing but a business. Patients are just simple pawns.

    If it is a routine business, MGH is the right place. If you are looking for personal attention about your treatment, MGH is not the place for anyone. They are McDonalds of Healthcare and nothing more.

  2. Jay Srinivasan says:

    This doctor treated me for a toe amputation in Jan 2018. He recommended further surgery TMA and BKA without even seeing me. After my doctor friend yelled at the nurse, he cameo see me with a Sharpie and marked my leg where he will do the amputation. He kept me in the hospital for 19 days for a simple Toe operation. When I asked him some tough medical questions, he threw papers on my face and stormed out of my room saying- I am asking too many questions

    I was about to lose my foot. Finally I got myself discharged and went to another hospital and my foot is fully cured without any further amputation !

    This doctor never followed up even once in 12 months. He is a butcher. Mass General billed me for $243896 (No typo) for a simple toe amputation.

    I hope he gets some jail time for the hit and run and DUI case. He deserves some stiff punishment.

  3. ” “[Watkins] indicted to me that there was a vehicle, as he was coming up, double-packed in that crosswalk….”

    It is unusual that neither Mr. Watkins nor Mr. Burton are familiar enough with the regional dialect to be able to correctly interpret Mr. Diamond’s intended phrase, “double-parked car,” to correctly interpret it.

    And, though I’m sure Mr. Diamond’s accent is so severe as to render him unintelligible to non-Bostonians, I’m also quite sure that our disgusting accent is so widely revered through ceaseless mockery that there is simply no excuse for such a misapprehension.

  4. This is rather surprising–but not shocking. It seems that he has an incredible level of arrogance and believes that he can do as he pleases without consequences.

    I’ve learned, the hard way, through accidents and incidents like this, dealing with people who just thought they could get away with it. My suggestion is that you find a solid attorney or general car accident lawyer if someone hits you while driving drunk. And I hope the victim’s families get what they deserve. I know some good attorneys, but this is the best one I know of in Boston:

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