QUINCY (CBS) — Mass. State Police took to Facebook to shame a truck driver for having a long pole protruding beyond the truck bed with no warning. The driver’s license had also been revoked, State Police said.

“The truck, which was observed by Troopers in heavy stop and go Friday afternoon traffic on the Expressway northbound in Quincy, was carrying a pole that extended eight feet beyond the bed with no flag attached to warn other motorists,” State Police said in the post.

They dubbed the driver as “the return of ‘What Could Go Wrong?’ (Truck Team Edition).” State Police has been known for making an example of drivers with unsecured loads.

State Police stopped this truck driver because there was a pole protruding eight feet from the truck bed with no flag to warn other drivers (Photo Via Massachusetts State Police Facebook)

The truck, which was headed to Maine, was taken off the road. “Tragedy averted,” said State Police.