BEVERLY (CBS) — Eight maternity ward nurses at Beverly Hospital will soon be taking care of newborns of their own.

“It really did become funny, one week after the next week someone else was pregnant, and really it’s just been so much fun,” Clare Perkins said.

They’re used to delivering and caring for newborns. A ninth nurse gave birth to a baby in March.

“It’s exciting, like especially when you work in labor and delivery and maternity,” said Lauren Buchan. “All you talk about is babies.”

That’s not all that they have in common. Of those who know the gender of their baby, they happen to all be boys.

From left: Tara Randazzo and her son, Giuseppe, Clare Perkins, Melissa Souza, Pam Tarr, Katelyn Berry, Kristen Doane, Vanessa Amato, Lauren Buchan and Ruth Lucien. (Photo Courtesy: Beverly Hospital)

“Now we all have to coordinate our names to make sure that no one is picking the same name,” Perkins said.

They’ve developed such a special bond going through pregnancy together in the maternity ward and sharing their experiences with other soon-to-be mothers, their patients.

“You experience what they’re going through at the same time,” said Melissa Souza. “You can sympathize and empathize with them.”

It’s a full circle moment for these nurses, with due dates ranging from June to October. All eight plan to give birth where else, but Beverly Hospital.

“Knowing the doctors, knowing the midwives, and just knowing everyone makes you feel so much more comfortable,” said Buchan.