By David Wade

BOSTON (CBS) – Sometimes nature can get a little too close for comfort, and sometimes that’s due to wild turkeys. We saw a tweet Monday about just that from someone who lives in the Moss Hill section of Jamaica Plain.

She complained about aggressive turkeys pecking at people out walking. We checked it out, and found that she’s not alone.

“It’s extremely scary. It’s frightening. If you’re walking they come up extremely, extremely close to you and they come forward like they’re going to bite you,” says Kathy Milmoe who lives in the neighborhood.

There are three wild turkeys that are causing problems for some neighbors in the Moss Hill area. It wasn’t hard to find people who have had a run in with aggressive turkeys.

Turkeys in Jamaica Plain (WBZ-TV)

“The one incident I had was with my mailman. I heard a lot of commotion. I looked outside and they had him cornered across the street, and he moved in a direction, and they were pecking,” says Dorothy Sergi who was out walking her dog.

“Just in front of my house, my husband has gone out maybe four or five times with the rake and the broom to keep them away from various people,” adds Kathy Milmoe.

We spoke to Boston Animal Control and they say they usually don’t deal with wild animals. But the state has given them permission to capture the troublesome turkeys in this neighborhood, but so far they’ve failed.

Turkeys in Jamaica Plain (WBZ-TV)

“It’s just gotten to be terrible that I’m fearful to go walking with my grandchild in the stroller. I’m actually fearful to go walking on my own,” Kathy says.

Wild animals are usually under the jurisdiction of the state wildlife agency. We reached out to that department, but they didn’t respond.

David Wade

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  1. It is amusing that people are so far divorced from reality that prey animals readily available are seen as an expensive problem rather than an opportunity for a meal.

    1. Maybe get a cane.
      Primitive man knew how to use sticks 50,000 years ago.

    2. munstermoon says:

      Right on! The far more cultured people in the cities would starve to death if not brought to market for them

    3. Three good dinners would solve this problem.

    4. OMG. We saw turkeys and they were pecking and stuff……………………


    5. Robert J. Sivori says:

      Thanksgiving meals on the hoof! I agree!

    6. Andrea Calkins says:

      I tell ya, people are losing it. I feed the wild tirkey’s here and have never once had them attack me. They run. Turkey’s are great for the environment, they eat bugs and will kill snakes. I just don’t know how these people managed to get to the age they are. Stupid should have hurt them long before a turkey would. I can tell that the woman talking is a bleeding heart liberal, she’s wackier than the turkey’s!

  2. Jeb Ster says:


  3. Robert Hunter says:

    I lived on a turkey ranch for a while in a foster home. Turkey’s are mean! They will choose one of their own and take turns chasing it till it tires and they peck it to death. Never go into a group of grown turkeys without a large stick. Whenever I have turkey I always hope it is a relative of one that tried to attack me. Makes the meal soooo much better!

  4. Eric Anthony says:

    My thought exactly! With all the homeless here in the city, by applying the cure for uncivil turkey behavior we will be both providing food and helping the turkeys to evolve.

  5. Uh, it’s a bird. It’s not going to do any real damage.

  6. David Smith says:

    Eat the dam things.

  7. Jim Moore says:

    What a bunch of Turkeys. Low IQ people.

  8. Wayne Guy says:

    Cook them and have a lot of left overs.

  9. Donny Dingle says:

    Emmm boy. Turkey Dinner!!

  10. Jeff Moffatt says:

    Too bad Jimmy Carter is laid up.

  11. Edward Warren says:

    Beautiful birds. Dumb people.

  12. Dave Johnson says:

    Liberals….afraid of everything, but constantly trying to convince people they are tough. A few 20 lb turkeys come in, and they are running for their lives.

  13. Skater John says:

    i am needing food in GA we would eat these you will soon have people with facial tattoos and machetes to be afraid of from messed up countries

  14. Travis Bickle says:

    The same people who are sure they know what rules the people living in ‘flyover country’ should live by.

  15. Thos Hagen says:

    The donkey represents democrats, but the fake news media has now gone so far to the left, I believe their followers should give acknowledgement to the wild-turkey for their mascot. They too are known to be willfully ignorant and insanely violent.

  16. Jim Lee says:

    I recommend the Cranberry sauce and giblet gravy solution along with some sweet potatoes and green beans. This would not be an issue in Tennessee.

  17. Nancy Robinson says:

    I’m glad our ancestors can’t read this…it’s totally embarrassing.

  18. Garet Aldridge says:

    You Yankees have become complete Wussies, haven’t you? They are nothing more than big, dumb birds. Those three Jakes would make some fine eating, but you pampered children are afraid of your food. Dear God! Grow a pair.

  19. Joel Wischkaemper says:

    I HAVE A SOLUTION!! We will send you some of the women in my Apartment and they will scare the birds far, far away. All they have to do is walk their chiwaawaas, or, heck, just walk.

  20. Jay Gee says:

    I will help you with that problem. :)

  21. HoChi Zacky says:

    Oh man, you people are a riot… “Extremely Scary”… LOL… Boston Strong but afraid of a turkey.

  22. Ray Leone says:

    We spoke to Boston Animal Control and they say they usually don’t deal with wild animals. -Really, they don’t deal with wild animals, what they on control cats and dogs?

  23. Hal Slusher says:

    Just ease out with .22 and poof dinner

  24. John Oakman says:

    What a bunch of turkeys.

  25. Austin Heim says:

    OK, i’d be honing my pellet gun skills!

  26. Sue Dillion says:

    I wonder how much trouble someone would get into if they actually ‘grew a pair’ and confronted the turkey’s with a stick. They’d probably get arrested for harassing the wildlife and not retreating from the incident. No ‘stand your ground’ applicable, the turkey were here first, we’re invading their home. PETA would bring lawsuits on behalf of the turkey.

  27. Woody Johnson says:

    I have a solution. It involves gravy.

  28. Ben Porter says:

    Several solutions — electric cattle prod, if you just want to train the birds to avoid you. High powered air rifle, if you wish to eliminate them. Its silent and deadly.

  29. Patrick Cronin says:

    I was terrorized by Wild Turkey during my younger years at several college parties.

  30. We have turkeys all over our community and they come running when I call them for a handful of corn.
    If corn didn’t do the trick, a .22 long gun would!
    PS I just ran a Black Bear off my upper porch last night… I cannot imagine these liberal wussies if they had a bear roaming the place!
    When SHTF these libs will be toast!

  31. Dave Fay says:

    If a wild turkey is coming close enough to peck at you, the best option is to grab it by the neck, twist and set you oven to 325.

  32. Bobby Sargent says:

    A good golf club could provide a really delicious meal.

  33. Bruce Cunha says:

    To those that say kill and eat them. One big problem. These same people would not have a clue how to clean and defeather a turkey. If it does not come from the store, they are lost.

  34. I would say use a”Judge” with 8 shot but its “commie” Mass Mailman would probably be charged with discharging his mace in public!

  35. Dan English says:

    Our ancestors are rolling in their graves watching the pussification that runs rampant. My Grandfather had a solution for their problem. It’s the same one sniffing Joe Biden had. A 12 ga.

  36. Joe Veritas says:

    I haven’t visited in a while, but there’s a park near Northeastern U that was overrun with aggressive, hissing ‘Canadian’ geese that left droppings everywhere, ruining the ambience of an otherwise nice place. Problem animals should be relocated or put down.

  37. Bill White says:

    I actually feel better after reading this story and the comments. Almost all the commenters see the obvious solution. The only ones who don’t get it are the people who live on the government reservations (also known as blue states), including the Mirror reporters and editors.

  38. Rob Bruce says:

    I am surprised the author didn’t try to blame this on Trump somehow or on the global warming hoax.

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