By David Wade

BOSTON (CBS) – Sometimes nature can get a little too close for comfort, and sometimes that’s due to wild turkeys. We saw a tweet Monday about just that from someone who lives in the Moss Hill section of Jamaica Plain.

She complained about aggressive turkeys pecking at people out walking. We checked it out, and found that she’s not alone.

“It’s extremely scary. It’s frightening. If you’re walking they come up extremely, extremely close to you and they come forward like they’re going to bite you,” says Kathy Milmoe who lives in the neighborhood.

There are three wild turkeys that are causing problems for some neighbors in the Moss Hill area. It wasn’t hard to find people who have had a run in with aggressive turkeys.

Turkeys in Jamaica Plain (WBZ-TV)

“The one incident I had was with my mailman. I heard a lot of commotion. I looked outside and they had him cornered across the street, and he moved in a direction, and they were pecking,” says Dorothy Sergi who was out walking her dog.

“Just in front of my house, my husband has gone out maybe four or five times with the rake and the broom to keep them away from various people,” adds Kathy Milmoe.

We spoke to Boston Animal Control and they say they usually don’t deal with wild animals. But the state has given them permission to capture the troublesome turkeys in this neighborhood, but so far they’ve failed.

Turkeys in Jamaica Plain (WBZ-TV)

“It’s just gotten to be terrible that I’m fearful to go walking with my grandchild in the stroller. I’m actually fearful to go walking on my own,” Kathy says.

Wild animals are usually under the jurisdiction of the state wildlife agency. We reached out to that department, but they didn’t respond.

David Wade

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