WOBURN (CBS) – “Lynn DeWolfe deliberately and intentionally took drugs and got behind the wheel of her car,” said Alexis Weisz.

She’s the widow of the Bedford man DeWolfe is accused of killing, and she testified in Middlesex Superior Court, pleading for a stiff sentence in the motor vehicle homicide case.

Lynn DeWolfe in court, May 10, 2019. (WBZ-TV)

Even more heart-wrenching, were the speeches from the man’s sons. “I will never see my father again,” said 15-year-old Maxwell Weisz, his voice shaking with emotion. “A heartless, worthless, and dangerous piece of human trash,” added his older brother Logan Weisz. “She deserves no sympathy.”

Chris Weisz was killed when DeWolfe, who had a history of drunk driving convictions, allegedly smashed her Saab into another car, pushing it into Weisz riding home from work on his motorcycle. Prosecutors said she took off, and later told police she’d taken Lorazepam and pain medication.

Alexis Weisz. (WBZ-TV)

“My kids now have to endure a life of special moments that will always be tainted with the absence of their dad,” said Alexis.

Adding to the family’s frustration, state police had talked to DeWolfe earlier that day after she was involved in another accident, but let her go, even though 911 callers reported her driving erratically.

Friday, the Weisz family gave victim impact statements in a hearing to determine what the sentence should be in case of a possible plea deal. They hope the process will help them avoid a lengthy trial. Once the judge makes a sentencing recommendation, both sides will decide whether pleading guilty is the best course of action.

Christina Hager