BOSTON (CBS) — After eliminating the Columbus Blue Jackets on Monday night, Bruins forward Brad Marchand was in no mood to talk to Kyle Bukauskas of Sportsnet Canada.

The Bruins advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals with their 3-0 victory over the Blue Jackets in Columbus, and right after the game, Marchand made it clear that he didn’t want to share any of his thoughts with Bukauskas:

Whoa boy was that a snippy interview. Asked three questions by Bukauskas, Marchand responded with 10 words. Total.

“Well that was worth it, Jim,” Bukauskas tossed back to the studio.

Marchand’s beef with the reporter goes back to the moments before Game 2, when Bukauskas asked Marchand if he had gotten his skate resharpened after Game 1.

That question was in reference to Marchand stomping on Cam Atkinson’s stick in overtime. The B’s forward clearly didn’t like that inquiry last week, and didn’t forget it after the Bruins advanced on Monday.

Marchand didn’t really have many words in the Boston dressing room, either, sharing several short answers with reporters (check it out in the video above). His best of the evening? Asked if he had a bet on how few words he could use after the game, he smirked and replied, “Maybe.”

There’s a good chance Marchand won that bet.

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  1. DN Krasowski says:

    There was a McD commercial that showed Wayne Gretzky throughout his hockey career. It ends with this quote; “You made the game bigger, but you never thought you were bigger than the game.” When Marchand grows up he can reflect on this quote. Your team just advanced to the next round after a hard fought series with the Blue Jacket and you decide to take the spotlight to air your personal beef with a young reporter. He could have easily taken the opportunity to celebrate his teammates and congratulate his opponents for their efforts. Instead he does this. It reflects on him as person, his team, and the people who forgot to raise him to be a good person. Being a good at hockey does not make you a good at being human. Shame on him.
    B Marchand you have a gift to play hockey at an elite level. Please consider using this platform to make the world a better place. Start by being a man and publicly apologizing for your actions. You and your hurt feelings are not bigger than the game.

    1. Kevin L. says:

      Dude! You ain’t no Gretzky (who’d wanna be?)… and you sure ain’t a Marchand!!
      You, and everyone else, get over yourselves.

  2. Sabrina Murphy Barth says:

    Obviously Marchand was doing his best Torts impressions! It was HILARIOUS!!

  3. Mike Olsen says:

    The media thinks that they are holier than thou and can ask anything they want. Good on you Brad you did the right thing.

  4. Kevin L. says:

    C’mon people — that’s priceless!! Ya can’t buy that kind of promo!!!

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