MALDEN (CBS) – A pit bull is on the mend after it was found alone and abandoned, roaming the Forestdale Cemetery in Malden for several days.

Now she’s called Forrest, and since the year-and-a-half-old girl was found in March, she’s gained 16 pounds and a lot of confidence.

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Animal Control called Lisa Cutting to help when Forrest wouldn’t come to them. Cutting owns Oceanview Kennel in Revere and helps gather stray dogs in four different Massachusetts cities and towns.

Forrest is on the mend after being abandoned in a cemetery. (WBZ-TV)

“This is a common breed to get dumped,” Cutting said. “[Pit bulls] are the ones I get a lot.”

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Cutting said Forrest was emaciated, had frostbite, and had cuts and scars. She believes the dog was abused, likely bred and then dumped in the cemetery.

Cutting has been rescuing and rehabilitating pit bulls for 15 years with the goal of finding the dogs a loving home.

“It doesn’t get any easier,” she said. “You try to take that anger and just focus on the dog. Because if you got angry at everything, you wouldn’t be able to do it anymore. The rescue part of this job is heart-wrenching. It ages you.”

Forrest has already come a long way. She’s friendly, fed and has gained 16 pounds. She still needs surgery to repair fractures and tendon tears in both of her back legs which prevent her from jumping.

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Cutting started a GoFundMe page to ask for the community’s help.

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