By Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a picture that speaks to a crisis. A needle disposal box popped up right in front of Roxbury’s Orchard Gardens K-8 school this week, installed by the Boston Department of Public Health.

A needle disposal box is outside Roxbury’s Orchard Gardens K-8 School. (WBZ-TV)

“I do believe that it is a little too big, excessive for it to be in front of the school like that,” said Francisco Diaz, whose son is a student at the school.

But five months ago, parents were out front protesting about the used drug needles littering the property around Orchard Gardens. That’s why Diaz says he understands why it’s there. “I’m kind of glad they’re doing something,” said Diaz.

One community activist says the needle box has not made a difference. “These things are embedded into the ground,” said Domingos DaRosa, picking up several used needles from the ground. “In a matter of two seconds, we just, we have four needles here.”

DaRosa is a father and a youth coach who spends a lot of time cleaning up piles of discarded needles. He took a WBZ news crew a block away and across the street from Orchard Gardens, in front of a school bus lot. The grounds were covered with needles. “We’re less than 100 yards away from the disposal box, and we can fill a container in less than 10 seconds,” he said.

Domingos DaRosa picks up used needles about a block from Orchard Gardens school. (WBZ-TV)

DaRosa says the new needle disposal site in front of the school is not the answer. “No, definitely not the answer, especially in front of the school ’cause now you’re promoting for addicts to get high right by the school,” he said.

Mayor Marty Walsh says parents should use it as a teaching opportunity. “People are concerned if there are needles there. People are concerned if there’s a box there. I mean, I think what we’re trying to do is keep the needles off the street.”

According to Boston’s 311 app, almost 1,600 people called to report they found needles on the ground so far this year. Last year, it was nearly 4,700.

Christina Hager

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  1. Dana Place says:

    liberal sh!thole city


  2. Tom Ronson says:

    The druggies show up to get high at night. You would think the cops would make some arrests. I lived in Mass for 30 years and finally escaped to Las Vegas and the area around Boston is over run by wacked out liberals. They even get elected too. The needle box does not surprise me in the least.
    Normal behavior for the corrupt democrats.

    1. Geo Rubik says:

      It may seem like an escape but Vegas is run by wacked out liberals

  3. Pete Griff says:

    Wait let me guess the racial make up of the neighborhood, its of course filled with White Privileged Conservatives I bet…………………../sarc

    1. Dorothy Cohen says:

      I hate to burst your racist little bubble, but 90% of heroin users are white, middle class

      1. Ed Tact says:

        As is almost always the case Dorothy, the truth is in the middle somewhere. According to a Penn State study in 2015 by Monnat and Rigg there are three groups of opiate users: Group 1 being pure heroine, Group 2 being pure prescription pain killers, and Group 3 being both. In their study, Group 2 was mostly white suburban middle class, Group 3 was mixed among races and classes, and Group 1 was mostly socioeconomically disadvantaged poor minorities in urban areas. I don’t know where you got your number from, but it’s at best 1/3 true.

      2. Cartlund Monson says:

        White middle class who drive to the black ghetto to toss their needles on the ground. Yes. That makes sense…not.

  4. Jim Hyland says:

    A divided world, extreme moral decline, public shaming, rise in violence…what’s going on? God’s prolonged spiritual judgment, He has given up man to his sin. To learn more, check E Bible Fellowship.

  5. David Alster says:

    For the parents shooting up while waiting for their kids to get dismissed for the day.

  6. Tommy A says:

    I hear San Fran is considering installing turd disposal boxes.

  7. Steve Crawford says:

    The needle box is better than Nothing. More boxes should be located in other areas also. Both political parties Must work together to fix many of the social problems in the low and lower middle class.

  8. bushlied says:

    Welcome to the Welfare State. Lincoln’s republic is in its last days. Good ridden.

  9. David Will says:

    When you accept bad behaviour ; you promote bad behaviour. The liberal mind set is a terrible waste of a mind.

  10. Gordon Corey says:

    Stick ’em

  11. Hal Slusher says:

    You allow the behavour dont deal with drug problem so welcome to 3rd world.

  12. Ricardo Phynque says:

    It’s well known, Boston High School kids have a big problem with heavy Drugs

  13. A bullet thru the brain of every heroin addict caught is the best fix to the problem.

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