By Lisa Gresci

BOSTON (CBS) – The Newton Commonwealth Golf Course is just one of Sterling Golf Management’s ten courses feeling like this spring season has been a swing and a miss.

“It’s kind of like being a farmer. It’s weather driven,” said Jay Miller, the Director of Golf Course Operations. “At some of our courses, we can’t even let the carts out.”

A handful of golfers braved the cold on Thursday morning. On a nice day though, Miller says the difference could be in the hundreds.

Newton Commonwealth Golf Course (WBZ-TV)

“It’s interesting how the New England golfers got that weather app and see the cells coming across where their golf course is and if it says no rain they’ll play,” he added.

Over at the Patios on City Hall Plaza, everything was set up and ready to go.

“We’ve been looking at the forecast for the last couple weeks and we said you know what… we might get lucky but it just wasn’t on our side,” said Jen Compton, the Vice President of Innovation for Boston Garden Development Corp.

Patios on City Hall Plaza (WBZ-TV)

The Patios pushed back the official opening to Monday with a soft opening set for this weekend. “We’ll give it a shot,” Compton said.

Again, that will depend on the weather.

Over on Newbury Street, patio sets have been empty or tucked away.

“I think it’s a shame. If you walk by and you wonder if this is closed,” Mike Thompson said.

Most had to keep their activities inside. Only hoping the weather will bring them outside again soon.

“We’ve got new hanging chairs. We’ve got some great couch set ups. We will put out all the pillows. We will be ready for people when Mother Nature is,” Compton said.

Lisa Gresci