TEWKSBURY (CBS) – A handful of supermarkets familiar to New England shoppers have made Consumer Reports’ list of “standouts” for low grocery store prices.

Tewksbury-based Market Basket, Trader Joe’s, Save-A-Lot, Aldi and Costco are all highlighted by the magazine for “where to find the best grocery store prices in America.”

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“Residents of Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire know this family-owned chain for its low prices and absence of self-checkout lanes,” Consumer Reports says of Market Basket. “Our surveyed members placed Market Basket among the top-rated chains overall.”


Trader Joe’s, with locations in more than a dozen cities and towns in Massachusetts, “impressed our members the most with its competitive prices, stores cleanliness, employee helpfulness and attentiveness, checkout speed, and store-brand quality,” Consumer Reports says.

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Save-A-Lot has stores in the Springfield area, Boston, Brockton, Fall River and New Bedford. Locations are often smaller and selection is limited to what shoppers buy the most, according to Consumer Reports.

Germany-based Aldi, with a handful of stores in the Bay State, is “no-frills,” the report says, but spiral-sliced ham can be found at less than a dollar a pound.

And while Costco may not be a traditional grocery store, the magazine highlights a deal for a three-pound rotisserie chicken at $4.99, as well as the high quality of meats and poultry.

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Check out the full list from Consumer Reports here.