AUBURN (CBS) – A man is accused of making terroristic threats in an incident that forced the evacuation of the Auburn Mall Tuesday morning.

Auburn Police say Andres Olivencia called 9-1-1 and told the operator he had a gun and was going to “do something stupid.”

Andres Olivencia (WBZ-TV)

Officers carrying patrol rifles responded and cleared the mall. Olivencia, who turned out to be unarmed, was taken into custody without incident.

Nearby Auburn schools went into a “soft lockdown” during the incident.

The superintendent of schools sent this message to parents: “An individual was seen at the Auburn Mall with a gun, however I am very pleased to inform you that due to the swift actions of the Auburn Police, that person has been apprehended.”

Auburn Police officers respond to threat at Auburn Mall (WBZ-TV)

Police say the man never had a gun and only said that to get police to the mall even faster. After he was handcuffed, police say only called because he wanted help.

Coincidentally Auburn Police just finished another round of active shooter training.

“When somebody calls in this day and age and says that I am some place and I have a gun, and I’m going to do something, you have to assume that they’re very serious,” said Auburn Police Chief Andrew Sluckis.

Olivencia was arraigned at Worcester District Court Tuesday afternoon. The judge set bail at $10,000 and ordered a mental health evaluation. Olivencia’s bail was revoked on an open case, and he is being held without bail on that matter.


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