BOSTON (CBS) — North Andover High School is being told to change its policy on sexual assault.

Last month hundreds of North Andover High students walked out of school because of what happened to two classmates.

Students walked out of North Andover High School March 20, 2019. (Image credit: Julie Schirhart)

Two girls accused Eliezer Tuttle of sexually assaulting them in separate incidents. The school then required both girls and Tuttle to sign a safety plan forcing them to avoid each other.

The girls said that plan put unreasonable limits on them. The school district hired a law firm to review the policy and it determined what the school required was not appropriate.

The lawyer who reviewed the policy found: “…it may be reasonable for a school administrator to suggest ways for him or her to minimize contact with the alleged perpetrator, the practice of imposing an obligation upon a victim… is inappropriate.”

The school is working on a new policy. Tuttle is now in jail on rape charges in New Hampshire. His parents say all of these claims are false.

  1. Dwyer Jones says:

    Why is it that so often school administrators prove themselves to be ignorant and insensitive in making policy before having its legality confirmed by an attorney?