DUXBURY (CBS) – Police say a man left a threatening note for a Duxbury resident after burglarizing their home Monday afternoon. The suspect, 32-year-old Clarke Phillips, was arrested a short time after the break-in.

“Being the offender that he is, he left a note at the residence, a rather threatening note, indicating that if they called police, they would see him again,” said Police Lt. Mark Carbone.

An Acorn Street resident returned home around noon and suspected their home had been broken into.

A detail officer who was nearby said they had seen a man walking in the area about an hour before the homeowner called police.

A short time later, the man was seen walking out of the woods nearby. Officers ran after the suspect, who threw several items to the ground as police approached him.

Duxbury Police say one of the discarded items was stolen from the Acorn Street home. The man, who identified as Phillips, also allegedly had jewelry from the house.

Police say Phillips was in possession of a document from a resident of Ocean Ave. in Marshfield. It was determined that home was also burglarized Monday.

After being taken to the Duxbury Police Department, Phillips became sick and was hospitalized. He allegedly told police he had taken a large amount of prescription medicine that he stole from the Acorn Street home.

Clarke Phillips was arraigned Tuesday (WBZ-TV)

Phillips was arraigned on several charges Tuesday in Plymouth District Court. He is being held on $100,000 cash bail.

In his 32 years, Phillips has built an arrest record that is 22 pages long, most are charges out of Marshfield and Duxbury.

“This individual is known for this type of crime. He has potential to be quite violent,” said Carbone.

According to police, in 2016, Phillips terrorized a Marshfield neighborhood to the extent several people took out restraining orders against him.

“He was convicted several times out of the same event of stalking, where he was given probation, he was given six months in jail,” detailed prosecutor Jonathan Schulman in court.

Neighbors were stunned and concerned.

“If he has a record of other felonies, he should be locked up somewhere and it’s ridiculous that someone has a record like that can even be on the street, breaking into people’s houses,” said Thomas Janczewski.


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