TOPSFIELD (CBS) — A dog is recovering Sunday after he was bitten by a coyote in Topsfield, the family says.

Justin Dube brought his 60-pound husky/shepherd mix Levi to his parents’ home Saturday. While in the yard with the family, Levi must have noticed the coyote hiding under the shed, Dube says.

Levi the dog is recovering after he was attacked by a coyote (WBZ-TV)

“My dog was in the yard and all of a sudden he alerted and ran underneath the shed and started getting in with this coyote that was under there. And the coyote attacked him and bit him and we had to try and flush him out of there, so to speak. We had to get the kids in the house,” Dube explained.

The coyote bit Levi’s neck and ran off. None of the adults or kids who were also in the yard were hurt.

“I was terrified,” says Diana Harlow. “I was absolutely terrified, my heart was racing. I’ve grown up having dogs and its one of my worst fears losing one, if they run off let alone losing one and hearing an animal chasing after them.”

They say the coyote made multiple attempts to return to the yard.

This coyote attacked a dog in Topsfield (Photo Courtesy: Justin Dube)

Still, Levi is lucky. “It could have been a lot worse. He didn’t need stitches or anything,” says Dube.

“We want people to be aware of this because small kids or small dogs — I mean this was a 60-pound dog and this coyote had no problem trying to work against him.”

Dube also called animal control to alert them of the coyote but the animal is still on the run.

Comments (5)
  1. Kiras Carrot says:

    The coyote was defending his life as the dog charged into the shed. I feel sorry for this poor sweet puppy who was attacked, but both animals were acting on instinct.

    1. ole possum says:

      Seriously? You are going to try to tell us the coyote had no idea it was in the dog’s territory? It couldn’t smell the dog’s scent in the yard, as well as that of the people nearby? It was too stupid to understand that a shed in a fenced in yard meant people? I understand some stupid people will say anything to try and relieve the coyotes they worship of any blame or consequence for their actions but this is ridiculous.

  2. Carol Meschter says:

    Urban coyotes are becoming increasingly aggressive and dangerous, there are daily national news reports of dog and cat kills and humans being attacked. Coyotes have no business in urban areas-and there were children nearby!. An elderly woman in NC was attacked and killed this month by a pack of coyotes. Coexistence does not work and these carnivores must be removed. The USDA will send in federal trappers to remove coyotes and keep them removed. We should not be prisoners on our own homes and spending thousands on fencing which does not work, meanwhile, the local wildlife and town officials sit on their hands doing nothing while out pets are killed. They MUST do their jobs and protect public safety! Officials often use delaying tactics, such as sending residents on wild goose chases counting coyotes, or building fences, trimming vegetations, hazing, picking up food items, sponsoring bleeding heart coyote hugging lectures, but these are just a tactic by city officials to avoid dealing with the situation. A city official that puts coyote welfare ahead of human welfare needs to be removed from office immediately as he is a danger to pets, children and adults. We are paying their salaries and they are supposed to protect us, not kill our pets.

    1. Stephanie Dyer says:

      Carol – ALL urban areas have coyotes because we spread out into their territory. They were here first and no, we should not eradicate them, that is nonsense. You are seriously overreacting about a minor issue There were only 367 attacks on humans by coyotes from 1977 through 2015. There have only been two recorded incidences in the United States and Canada of humans being killed by coyotes. The woman in NC was not killed by coyotes and since she lived in a town of 179 people, was not a resident of an urban area. Authorities in NC say it is most likely a dog killed the woman. You are spreading fake news. the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement:

      “Beaufort County Sheriff’s Investigators along with North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Officers and Biologist responded to the scene to investigate what kind of animal attacked Hamilton. At this time preliminary DNA testing facilitated by NC Wildlife Biologist has eliminated any wild animals indigenous to the area. Beaufort County Sheriff’s Investigators are continuing to investigate to determine which, if any domestic K9s in the area may have attacked Hamilton.”

      1. ole possum says:

        There have been a number of conflicting reports about the incident in North Carolina, so we don’t know for sure yet that it was NOT coyotes. Two local German Shepherds that officials were interested in for it were found to be very friendly dogs and virtually harmless.So Ms. Meschter is not spreading fake news. Of course, as everyone knows, coyotes are not native to North Carolina. NC is Red Wolf territory. The numbers you give for reported coyotes attacks work out to an average of more than nine attacks each years, that’s not quite so rare. There was also a third killing in 1923 in San Bernardino County, CA, that is poorly publicized and neglected. And there was a possible but unconfirmed killing, due top the advanced decay of the body, they couldn’t b certain of the cause of death, in Long beach,CA I know some people want so desperately to protect the coyotes, they will say anything to defend them. Sometimes they just are not really defendable.