By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Northeastern University journalism professor Dan Kennedy joined WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller this week to discuss the media coverage of politics.

Kennedy wrote the book “Return of the Moguls: How Jeff Bezos and John Henry Are Remaking Newspapers for the Twenty-First Century.” He is also a regular guest on the WGBH show “Beat the Press.”

Keller @ Large: Part 2


The Northeastern professor said the 24/7 news cycle on network television has been detrimental in recent years.

“I think the three cable networks – CNN, MSNBC and Fox News – have really degraded the discourse in this country by going on and on for hour after hour with spin,” Kennedy said. “Really, the facts of any particular situation don’t matter a whole lot.”

Though Kennedy agreed there is an appetite for news as entertainment, he said that does not justify the coverage.

“At some point you have to say ‘Do we have values? Are we a news organization, or will we do anything to get ratings?’” Kennedy said.

Jon Keller

  1. telegonus says:

    Good point, and I agree, however it seems to me that many political figures are themselves doing a good enough job of degrading the quality of degrading public discourse, with or without cable news.

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