CAMBRIDGE (CBS) — Anyone wishing to get their hands on a paperback copy of the Mueller report can do so in Cambridge. Jeff Mayersohn, the owner of the Harvard Book Store, pulled off a 24-hour work day to try and keep up with the demand.

It only takes about 10 minutes for all 400-plus pages of the Mueller report to be printed and needed bound for retail sales.

As of Friday morning, the store had sold about 200 copies.

“We really did not know what the demand was going to be, but as we saw both the web orders grow and people just walking into the store willing to wait until they could get their copy, it was pretty clear that we were going to sell a lot of these,” said Mayersohn.

“Literally, it’s still warm. Very excited,” Robert Myers told WBZ-TV Thursday night as he held his newest purchase. “I’m hoping to get out a fuller understanding of what has happened.”

Stephanie Chagas of Revere explained, “Does it affect me personally now? No, but in some ways, I think it might –that I’m not aware of now.”

“We’re one of the few book stores in the country that has one of the machines,” said Mayersohn. “We were able, within basically two hours of the report, were able to start getting copies into customers’ hands. So that is sort of people and we’re pretty proud about that.”

But will people actually read it?

“When I have a little spare reading time, I think I will,” said John O’Donnell of Lowell. “Anything that’s not redacted that’s in there I think may prove telling to what’s actually going on inside the administration.”


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