CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – So our plants are in, our gardens are ready for the spring, but one of the biggest concerns is the rabbits and other animals. Luckily, Mark Saidnawey from Pemberton Garden Services in Cambridge is here to answer some questions. How can I keep animals out of the garden?

“Ugh… it’s such a battle, us versus them. The rabbits, the squirrels, turkeys … everybody. A couple things you can do is buy some deterrent,” Saidnawey said.

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So you have to be careful because I know my tulips have bite marks in them. You have to continue to apply after it rains.

Mark Saidnawey recommends deterrents to keep animals out of gardens. (WBZ-TV)

“Right, the other thing is they love bulbs, but they don’t like daffodil bulbs. So you could always switch from tulips to daffodils next year and try to avoid that.”

OK, so the flowers we’ve got covered, what about the vegetables? Do I cover them? What do I do?

“There is nothing like a fence around a vegetable garden. I brought some lettuce and parsley for this client – obviously, the rabbits love that. Nothing beats a fence – called chicken wire, but they should really call it rabbit wire.”

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Mark Saidnawey recommends fences to keep animals out of gardens. (WBZ-TV)

OK, so is it cost-effective?

“Yeah, you can get this at a home improvement store, maybe a little bit taller will be beneficial. Squirrels can get in, rabbits can stay out. Should be good,” Saidnawey said.

Any other animals I should be concerned about?

“I’m sure there are different animals in different parts of the area. (There’s) not a lot of deer in Cambridge, so we’re good here, but rabbits are the big eaters.”

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Saidnawey said to avoid animals like deer from eating your garden, a higher fence will do the trick.

Sarah Wroblewski