CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – If you’re getting ready to do some spring cleaning in your yard here are some helpful tips from Mark Saidnaway, the owner of Pemberton Garden Services in Cambridge.

Raking the lawn is an important place to start.


“You do a good rake job and get all the dead grass from the wintertime. Put your fertilizer down when the forsythia are in bloom, those yellow bushes that everybody has,” Saidnawey told WBZ-TV, “Usually the middle of April, that usually works.”

Another big thing in the springtime is doing pruning.


“Look for the dead stems, anything that may be broken from winter snow load. Start with that for now,” he recommended.

If you have a hydrangea, how far do you cut it down?

“Usually to about two or three feet on the hydrangeas. (If) you cut them all the way down to the ground, you may not get them to bloom this year. People make that mistake a lot,“ he said.

Sarah Wroblewski