BOSTON (CBS) — While he’ll forever be known as the man who intercepted the football that started Deflategate, former Indianapolis Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson never wanted to be such a main character in one of the NFL’s biggest and most ridiculous scandals.

Jackson was never bitter about the Colts losing that night in Foxboro. He has always said that the amount of air in the footballs made no difference, and the Patriots still would have stomped the Colts in their AFC Championship Game matchup regardless.

But since the whole ordeal happened, he’d like to at least get back what is rightfully his: The famous Deflategate football. And who can blame him for wanting that ball, a reminder that he once picked off the GOAT with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

Jackson had big plans for that football, but they were cancelled pretty quickly. That piece of history was taken away him by the NFL as they went on their years-long investigation into how much air was in New England’s footballs.

With the scandal well in the past, Jackson is now asking for help from Tom Brady himself. The now-retired linebacker penned a letter to Brady, begging the quarterback for some assistance in his quest (the video is posted below with some NSFW language):

“Boy did that feel good. I mean, you never throw them,” Jackson said of the INT. “Anyways, I gave the ball to the Colts equipment guy, they wrote my name and initials on that football and I had already started visualizing where I was going to place that football on my mantle.”

But from that point on, things took a turn for the worse. For everyone.

“Here’s the [expletive] up part; I never got my ball back. The NFL said it was deflated. Then Bill Belichick and Bill Nye The Science Guy had a pissing contest over PSI levels,” Jackson explained. “The best way I can describe it is like meeting someone and it’s love at first sight. And after meeting once, you never have a chance to ever speak again. Roger Goodell probably has my [expletive] football on his damn mantle.

“Look Tom, you beat our ass fair and square. I’ve accepted it and moved on. But now I’m asking you man to man and father to father, please help me get my football back,” Jackson said. “Boy do I feel inflated.”

While no one really wants to have Deflategate back in the news, at least this is a pretty funny chapter in the mess. Let’s hope Brady can help Jackson get his football back, but if it really is on Goodell’s mantle, it’ll be a losing cause for both of them.