By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Last year, quarterback Tom Brady skipped all of the Patriots’ offseason workouts in order to spend more time with family. This year, he’s planning to skip the optional workouts again, but for a different reason.

Tom Brady wants to get swole.

The man is looking to get yoked.

OK, perhaps that’s misstating things slightly. But NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said Monday that Brady may be planning on adding some muscle to his 42-year-old frame this offseason.

Of course, every bit of Brady’s health and fitness strategy has been documented punctiliously over the past several years, as the quarterback has enjoyed a late-career renaissance — the likes of which nobody has ever seen before in the NFL. A major part of that plan has involved pliability, with Brady singing the praises of lean muscle and flexibility, as well as the almighty resistance band.

That being said, playing in the NFL still requires some good old-fashioned muscle-havin’, and it appears as though Brady is looking to dive headfirst into the muscle-havin’ game.

If he’s smart, he’ll dial up former teammate James Harrison. Now there’s a fella who knows a thing or two about havin’ muscles. And the resulting Instagram posts of their workouts would provide viral gold for the always-social-media-aware Brady. A win-win for all involved parties.


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