BOSTON (CBS) – Phantom recently purchased four bottles of honey mustard at a local supermarket. The contending condiments were Boar’s Head, Emeril’s, Golden Blossom, and Nance’s. See if you can guess which brand ended up at the top of the food chain.

Emeril’s finished in last place. Packaged in a tall plastic bottle, adorned with the celebrity chef’s smiling face, this bright yellow mustard just doesn’t cut the mustard. It punishes the palate with a “bam” of bitterness, that is quickly followed by an off putting acidity. Simply put, it’s terrible.

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Next up is Golden Blossom. Phantom had high expectations for this upscale brand, packaged in a classy glass jar, but boy was he let down. Despite the first ingredient of this deep yellow blend being honey, this spread delivered barely any hint of sweetness whatsoever. That being said, it is a tasty mustard, with lots of complex flavors. But when Phantom buys a honey mustard, he’d like to taste a little honey.

Phantom taste tested four brands of honey mustard to see who came out on top of the food chain. (Image Credit: Phantom Gourmet)

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The runner up is Nance’s. This stuff squeezes out extra thick, and while it does deliver a decently balanced honey mustard flavor, it just tastes kind of fake. The likely culprit, high fructose corn syrup, is this brand’s first ingredient. Also hurting the score, Nance’s coats the tongue with an oddly chalky texture.

At the top of the food chain is Boar’s Head. This brand is typically found in the deli department, a world away from the other competitors in both store location and overall quality. It squeezes out sweet and strong, with a savory aroma and pleasing mouthfeel. Plenty of honey hits the palate first, then that classic mustard flavor imparts a pungent kick. On a sandwich or as a dip, this stuff delivered everything phantom was looking for. That’s why Boar’s Head honey mustard is at the top of the food chain.

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