BOSTON (CBS) — “I’m blessed enough to be able to help people get their lives back,” says Steve Chamberland. He founded 50 Legs after losing a leg in a motorcycle crash.

Steve Chamberland, founder of 50 Legs (WBZ-TV)

The charity helps provide expensive prosthetics legs to those who otherwise not get them. On Sunday night, a team of people running the Boston Marathon for the cause sat down for a pasta dinner.

Among them is Director Carmen Acabbo. She says 50 Legs helped her sister, Celeste Corcoran get her feet back after she lost both her legs in the Boston Marathon bombings.

“She was initially fitted with some prosthetics that were very, very dated and virtually impossible for her to move in. Steve Chamberland and his organization reached out to us right away. Came to visit Celeste in the hospital,” explains Acabbo.

“They came and they told Celeste, ‘we’re gonna get you these prosthetics,'” she continues. “It’s basically given her her life back.”

Chamberland says, “I thank God it happened to me every day. I get to do what I do now. Get to meet amazing people. The charity’s been very good.”

A 50 Legs t-shirt for the marathon (WBZ-TV)

Samantha Eddington is on the marathon team. 50 Legs changed the life of her 10-year-old daughter, Katie, after she lost a leg in an accident when she was four.

“It means everything to her because she really loves to run. She’s run 18 5Ks and she’s a national record holder in some sprints that she’s competed in,” says Eddington.

“It’s been an amazing experience for me to be able to give back just a little bit of what 50 Legs has given to us,” she adds.

Marko Cheseto is also running Monday. He is a native of Kenya and double leg amputee. “I have at least what I need for now but there are so many so people out there who don’t have what I already have,” he says. “This is me giving back to the community.”


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