BRIGHTON (CBS) – When the director of nursing at Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Brighton learned that no one had visited a little girl who had been in the hospital’s care for 5 months, she decided to bring the baby home.

Liz Smith eventually adopted that beautiful baby girl, Giselle, who is now almost 3. She joined WBZ for an in-studio interview.

Liz Smith and her adopted daughter Giselle (Photo Courtesy: Franciscan Children’s Hospital)

Smith had heard Giselle was needed a medical foster home, but she was not considering fostering or adopting.

“I thought my door to motherhood had closed,” Smith said. “I walked out of the medical unit and there she is, right in front of me. And I said, ‘Who is this beautiful little angel?’ And the nurse, Megan said ‘This is Giselle.’”

Smith said although she didn’t know if the situation would be temporary, she knew it was meant to be.

But it was always in the back of Smith’s mind that Giselle’s biological parents could try to take custody.

Giselle is now a happy, healthy two-year-old girl (Photo Courtesy: Franciscan Children’s Hospital)

“At the time, she needed and deserved 150 percent of my love. That is what I did,” Smith said.

Smith and Giselle became officially mother and daughter on Oct. 18, 2018.

“She is not just giving me the opportunity to be a mom, she has made me stronger and a more confident woman,” Smith said. “She has given me the strength to do things I would never imagine.”

Today Giselle is doing well and has overcome many challenges. She has gone from six specialists to one and scores above average on social skills.

Smith said she encourages anyone who cannot have children in a “traditional way” to consider adoption because “there are so many kids like Giselle that need a loving and structured home. To see how it has transformed her life and mine has been incredible.”


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