BOSTON (CBS) — Attorneys for New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft filed an amended protective order motion Wednesday. They said the release of any surveillance video in the prostitution case would cause “irreparable harm” to Kraft’s case.

Kraft is facing charges after he allegedly paid for sex acts inside a Jupiter, Florida massage parlor on two occasions in January.

His attorneys argue the court should protect Kraft from an “invasion of his privacy.”

“Surely, the press, which seeks to intervene in this action for the sole purpose of obtaining access to the illegally obtained video evidence, has no legitimate right to possess such material,” said the motion.

This legal move follows Kraft’s motion to suppress on March 28. “In light of Mr. Kraft’s pending Motion that challenges the legality of the search and that seeks to suppress the illegally obtained evidence, the court should grant the motion to prevent the widespread dissemination and publication of video evidence that was illegally seized in violation of Mr. Kraft’s constitutionally protected privacy rights.”

They also argued prohibiting the video’s release will “minimize the effects of prejudicial pretrial publicity” to ensure Kraft gets a fair trial.

Kraft has pleaded not guilty and has requested a trial by jury.