METHUEN (CBS) — Methuen police said a dog who initially appeared to have been shot to death was actually killed by another animal. Moose, a German shepherd, was found dead on April 4.

“The investigation determined that the dog was not shot, as previously suspected,” said a statement from police. Instead, a necropsy showed “the dog was killed in a mauling attack by one or more other dogs.”

Moose was found shot to death at a Methuen home (Image credit Thomas Tiberii)

Veterinarian Martha Smith-Blackmore, who conducted the necropsy, “noted in her report to the Methuen Police Department that it is not unusual for fatal dog-on-dog maulings to be mistaken for a gunshot injury.”

The family that owned Moose also owns multiple other dogs.

“Police will offer resources and advice to the family on next steps. The criminal investigation is considered closed.”