BOSTON (CBS) – Scott Pellitier is a chef who knows how to fuse flavors. He understands what it takes to fuse cutting-edge technique with traditional tastes. And he’s cracked the code to fusing comfort and style at his latest restaurant, Fuse Bistro in Westford.

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“It’s a place that I want people to be able to come to night after night. It’s kind of cool takes on comfort food, very farm fresh,” he said. “It’s not stuffy. It’s not arrogant. It’s just a fun place to come and have some really good food.”

Comfort food with a twist at Fuse Bistro. (Image Credit: Phantom Gourmet)

The ever-changing menu is filled with familiar favorites made with delicious twists like Asian style ribs, gourmet chicken and waffles, inventive curries and unique flatbreads.

“I just like to cook food. I can’t really think of anything else that I’d rather be doing. Except maybe being on the beach and eating food. But it’s just what I like to do,” Pellitier said.

And customers love what he does, both in terms of what’s coming out of the kitchen, and what he’s created in the atmosphere of the dining room. Unlike the original Fuse Bistro in Lowell, which is located inside of old firehouse, this Westford location has a charmingly rustic ambiance.

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Fuse Bistro in Westford. (Image Credit: Phantom Gourmet)

“It actually used to be an old house, so it has its separate rooms. We have the bar area if you want to come and meet friends and have a good time. Then we have a really nice dining room,” Pellitier explained.

“We put down some wood floors. It’s bamboo flooring. And then I wanted some barn wood up along the sides, and then we put in a really nice white granite countertop to make it a little bit swanky, like a swanky farmhouse kind of feel.”

Chicken wings at Fuse Bistroy. (Image Credit: Phantom Gourmet)

No matter what you’re looking for, Pelletier says there’s something for you.

“We get people who come in three or four times a week, sit at the bar, watch the game, talk to the bartender and then we’ll get the people who come out on Friday and Saturday nights, who want to sit down and have a really nice bottle of wine and take their time,” Pelletier said. “And then we’ll get the people who come in and want a quick bite at lunchtime. They’ll come in and they have to get back to work. So we try to make everybody that comes in have the experience that they’re looking for.”

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