BOSTON (CBS) – Aloha! The first nonstop flight on Hawaiian Airlines from Boston’s Logan Airport to Honolulu took off Friday.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight 89 departs for Honolulu (WBZ-TV)

The 5,095-mile journey is the longest regularly scheduled domestic route in United States history, and five flights are planned every week.

“Our customers have been looking forward to this for many, many years,” Massport’s Ed Freni said.

There were leis aplenty at a gate party before takeoff. Flight 89 lifted into the sky with 2,700 pounds of live lobster in the cargo.

Hula dancers joined the celebration at Logan (WBZ-TV)

It will take 11 hours and 40 minutes for the Airbus A330 to fly westbound to Hawaii and 10 hours 15 minutes to return to Boston.


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