(CBS Local) – Target is raising its minimum wage for employees to $13 an hour, continuing the plans for the company to raise it to $15 an hour by 2020. Target has dozens of retail locations in Massachusetts.

The big-box retailer announced its new wage on Thursday and said it will roll out starting in June. Target raised its minimum wage to $12 in 2018. It’s slowly moving toward its 2020 goal.

“Just a year and a half into this journey, we’re already seeing some promising examples. Take this past Holiday, when we set out to hire 120,000 seasonal team members to support our teams during the big shopping rush. We were able to start them all at $12 or more…,” said Melissa Kremer, chief human resources officer. “It made a big difference, and our holiday results clearly show what an excellent job they did!”

Last June, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill that raises the minimum wage across the state to $15 and hour by 2023.