BOSTON (CBS) — Two men were rushed to the hospital with severe hypothermia after their kayak sank near Thompson Island and they were left stranded in the 40-degree water. According to Boston Police, the pair spent an hour hanging to a buoy before help arrived.

A Good Samaritan on a tour of the J.F.K. Library noticed them through binoculars around 6:15 p.m. Saturday, police said. The person contacted the Coast Guard who in turn contacted the Boston Police Harbor Unit.

“Victims had launched their kayak from Carson Beach in South Boston and paddled out into Dorchester Bay when strong winds and choppy seas became overwhelming,” said police. When they turned back, they capsized but were able to get to the buoy and climb to the top of it.

“Officers arrived on scene, observed the victims, and due to a strong south west wind, officers were able to bring the vessel close enough to rescue both adult male victims and one dog from the buoy.”

The men were taken to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, the dog did not survive.


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