STOUGHTON (CBS) – About two dozen patients had to be evacuated from Curahealth facility in Stoughton on Sunday due to a pipe burst on the first floor. Many of the evacuated patients are on life support.

A total of 22 people were removed from the building around 10 a.m. About seven or eight of them were on ventilators, according to Fire Chief Michael Laracy.

“The biggest challenge for us today was the safety of the patients, definitely concerned with the electrical component of this incident where we had patients on ventilators,” he said.

The Curahealth facility in Stoughton was evacuated due to a pipe burst. (Image Credit: Paul Burton/WBZ-TV)

The patients were taken to various hospitals in the area. No injuries were reported.

“One of the medical wings had to be evacuated. You know we had at least four inches of water in that wing. Got down to the first floor collapsing ceilings,” explained Laracy.

Water was shut off at the facility but was later restored.


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