HINGHAM (CBS) – Two men have been arrested for allegedly stealing mail in Hingham. Police say they were using a bottle with a sticky substance and a boot lace to pull envelopes out of a large mailbox outside the post office.

Police saw them walking away from the mailbox at 3:10 am Friday morning. An officer says one of the men threw the sticky bottle on the ground.

Police later caught up with them as they were driving in the area. Officers say they found a box of glue traps and a pile of mail in the backseat.

Stolen mail found in Hingham (Photo credit Hingham PD)

“The mail appeared to be covered in a sticky substance,” Hingham Police said. “Also in the car were various gift cards, more glue traps and another matching boot lace.”

Police arrested 22-year-old Antoni Garcia Mota of Randolph and a 17-year-old from Lowell, whose name was not released because he’s a juvenile. Both were charged with felony breaking and entering and receiving stolen property.


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