BARRE (CBS) — A man in Barre who has already won the lottery once, just won it again.

James Peddle of Barre won $10 million on a “$10,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular” ticket in May 2014. Recently, he won $1 million on a “The Fastest Road to $1 Million” instant ticket.

James Peddle of Barre has won the lottery twice in the past five years (Photo Courtesy: Mass. State Lottery)

Peddle took the prize in a one-time cash payment of $650,00 (less taxes), Mass. State Lottery said.

“As he did with his winnings five years ago, Peddle plans on sharing his good fortune with his family,” the lottery said.

The store where he bought his latest prize, Quabbin Plaza Liquors on Summer St. in Barre, will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket.

Four other $1 million prizes have been won this week from the same type of ticket.


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