BOSTON (CBS) — Patriots head coach Bill Belichick not only showed up for the head coaches photo at the NFL’s annual meeting this year, but he also showed off his pearly whites.

Yep, Belichick actually cracked a smile as he sat down with his head coaching brethren.

It would appear as though the head coach is taking Rob Gronkowski’s retirement better than most of New England. Belichick usually skips out on the photo session, but was happy to be part of the fun in Arizona this year. Winning his sixth Super Bowl with the Patriots last month likely had something to do with his change of heart.

The Pats head coach had skipped out on the photo each of the last three years, and when he did show up in 2015, he was famously wearing flip flops. At least this time around he put on a pair of dad sneakers, likely for a good afternoon mall-walking session.

While Belichick was present, there were six other head coaches who decided to stay away: Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin, New York’s Adam Gase, New Orleans’ Sean Payton, Tampa Bay’s Bruce Arians, Seattle’s Pete Carroll, and Los Angeles’ Sean McVay.

Belichick showing up was somewhat surprising on Monday, but one thing is always consistent with these pics every single year: Andy Reid stealing the show with his Hawaiian shirt. That dude is always ready to party.


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