BOURNE (CBS) – Summer is still far away but the Bourne Bridge was all tied up Monday afternoon. Drivers traveling to and from Cape Cod for the next two months can expect delays as maintenance work has begun on the bridge, causing lane restrictions.

From now until about May 23, the usual two lanes in both directions will be reduced to one wider 12-foot lane on each side. The lane restrictions will be in place 24 hours a day.

The Bourne Bridge. (WBZ-TV)

MassDOT says to expect travel delays during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

The work being done by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is “critical to maintaining the structural integrity” of the bridge, MassDOT says. Workers will be replacing bridge joints on the roadway, repairing deteriorated steel and concrete, patching damaged pavement and working on the lighting.

Police will be on the bridge and there will be traffic signs to help drivers navigate the changes.

There is also a ripple effect: side roads are clogged and the Sagamore Bridge might also get more crowded.

But some drivers are patient. “It’s a necessary evil,” said one young Cape Codder. “The bridge is getting done, it’s getting worked on. I want to drive over and not have it be broken, so they have to do their job.”

The good news? The construction is scheduled to end before Memorial Day.