By Jim Smith

BOSTON (CBS) – Congressman Stephen Lynch was back home in South Boston on Saturday, reacting to completion of the Mueller report. He’s predicting Mueller will soon be called before at least one Congressional Committee.

“I would be shocked if we did not have Bob Mueller sit down,” said the congressman. “But the conditions of that, whether it’s public or private, and which committees he might sit before, that’s all open to debate.”

Some hearings might be public, but Lynch says it’s possible other details of the report will be confidential for national security reasons.

Congressman Seth Moulton says he wants every word of the report to be made public and says Congress should keep investigating.

“Frankly, if the President is innocent as he claims, then he shouldn’t be afraid to release the report. He also shouldn’t be afraid to have these ongoing investigations in Congress. That’s Congress doing its job,” Moulton said.

The push for complete release is also coming from another top Bay State Democrat – Senator Elizabeth Warren

“Everyone needs to get a chance to read the Mueller report. It needs to be made public, all of it,” said Warren during a campaign stop in New Hampshire. “This is someone who has conducted an investigation on behalf of the people of the United States. It’s already produced 34 indictments or guilty pleas. It is a serious investigation. People want to see it. And they should be able to.”

Jim Smith


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