By Lisa Gresci

WOBURN (CBS) — Woburn High school students and parents are in still shocked and disbelieving after a teacher allegedly brought those drugs onto school property.

”I was shocked because you never think something like that is going to happen at home,” Christina Palmieri, a parent, said.

According to I-Team sources, the young woman’s bag was found in the bathroom with crack cocaine in it. Drugs were also found in her car, sources said.

Another staff member told Superintendent Matthew Crowley about the matter Wednesday, which prompted a police investigation, and the teacher in question was immediately put on paid administrative leave.

“We have a bunch of great teachers and staff here. We’d never expect people to be doing things like that,” Harley Stone, a high school junior, added.

“There’s enough going on with the children and drugs nowadays and it’s scary to have a teacher doing that,” parent Shirley Hudson said.

While the school considers this an open investigation, Superintendent Matthew Crowley said, in part, “We take allegations of any alleged wrongdoing seriously, and our priority is always on providing students with a safe and appropriate educational environment.”

“They are supposed to be examples and children are supposed to look up to them and sometimes they can’t. It’s sad,” Hudson said.

“The only thing I would have done different is, I would have notified parents a little sooner, but I hope the woman gets the help she needs,” Palmieri said.

According to a statement from the school system, there is no reason to believe students were involved or in danger at any time.

I-Team sources said the teacher has not been criminally charged at this point and the school considers it a personal matter. They also said she is being offered the opportunity to go to rehab.

Lisa Gresci