By Kristina Rex

BRIGHTON (CBS) – Police are warning residents in a Brighton neighborhood to lock their doors after what they call a small increase in home break-ins.

According to investigators, a handful of break-ins have happened in recent weeks at homes mostly occupied by Boston College students living off-campus. The incidents have happened on Radnor, Undine, Foster, and surrounding streets. The uninvited guest doesn’t always steal, police say.

Boston Police and Boston College Police are ramping up patrols as a result, according to BCPD Chief Bill Evans.

“We’re all kind of stupid college kids, so I think we’re easy targets,” said student Charlotte Johnson.

“If robbers know there are students living here, they know there’s like 10 laptops [at the house],” added Georgina Latorre.

Students who spoke to WBZ-TV say they feel generally safe, but are a little spooked.

“I think it’s really scary, especially knowing we’re so close to school,” said Samantha Karl. “And going off-campus is a big tradition here, especially junior and senior year.”

Police are encouraging everyone to lock their doors.

Kristina Rex


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