BOSTON (CBS) – Prosecutors have released chilling new details about what happened in the days that Victor Pena allegedly held a woman captive in his Charlestown apartment.

Police say that Pena told the 23-year-old that he had rescued her. They say he fed her canned pineapple, and forced her to drink alcohol. He even allegedly forced her to pose for photos with him.

“What she remembered next was waking up on a bare mattress in a filthy apartment with a total stranger next to her, Mr Pena. When she tried to gather her things and leave he stopped her. Told her to be quiet or he’d kill her,” the prosecutor said.

Victor Pena in Suffolk Superior Court, March 20, 2019. (WBZ-TV)

Victor Pena was in court Wednesday morning accused of kidnapping and raping the 23-year-old woman.

“He took images of her with his cell phone both by herself and posing selfies with him. He put sunglasses on as if they were at the beach together. He told her to pose and kiss him and smile. She complied with that,” the prosecutor said.

The victim disappeared after leaving a Boston bar on January 19th. The District Attorney says Pena and a friend found her a short time later, the friend urging Pena to leave her alone because she was too drunk. Pena allegedly didn’t listen, taking the victim on the orange line on their way to his Charlestown apartment.

“A theme of his statements over the next couple of days that he had rescued her, that he was glad he found her, that they were going to start a family together,” the prosecutor said.

The DA says Pena kept his alleged victim inside his home for three days. She tried to escape but he caught her before she made it to the door.

Pena pleaded not guilty to one count of kidnapping and 10 counts of rape. He’s due back in court April 10th for a dangerousness hearing. He’s being held without bail.

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  1. His brother said the victim is lying – another POS

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    Another “incel” with an active fantasy life. Does anyone else think there are just far too many males?