BOSTON (CBS) — The Boston Celtics lost their game on Monday night. But after the game, Terry Rozier made sure that the losing stopped on the court.

Rozier, who scored just seven points in his 21 minutes in Boston’s 114-105 loss at home to the Nuggets, saw a tweet after the game that he didn’t quite like. It was a reply to his own tweet from Sunday, and it was from a Philadelphia 76ers fan who posted a GIF of Joel Embiid with the words, “drive ur boat all the way to philly to catch this L on wednesday #TrustTheProcess #bum”

Harsh words.

Rozier responded with a blunt reminder that despite the results of Monday night’s game, the 76ers have been completely owned by the Celtics over the past two seasons.

“Philly ain’t beat us since they had [Allen Iverson] dummy,” Rozier replied.

Boom roasted.

Rozier’s response was an overstatement, but only slightly. The Celtics are 3-0 vs. Philly this year, and they went 3-1 vs. the Sixers a year ago before eliminating the Sixers in just five games in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Overall, since Rozier entered the league in 2015, the Celtics are 17-3 vs. Philadelphia, including the playoffs. Rozier had himself quite the postseason series vs. Philly, too, as he averaged 19 points, 7.2 rebounds and 4.4 assists in the five-game series win.