BOSTON (CBS) — A DCR employee hoped to scrub a World War II Memorial clean Monday after it was found vandalized. Mass. State Police said they are investigating how “a substance – believed to be some type of oil – [was] splashed or poured” onto the South Boston statue.

The South Boston WWII Memorial was vandalized (WBZ-TV)

The vandalism was reported to State Police around 11:30 a.m. Monday, it is unclear when the act occurred.

By Monday afternoon, a DCR employee was cleaning the memorial, hoping water and dish soap would do the trick. An hour later, he returned with more men and a power washer.

The memorial is a porous granite structure located at the beginning of the causeway heading to Castle Island. The names of over 200 South Boston residents who fought and died for the U.S. during World War II are engraved in it.

Congressman Stephen Lynch drove down to see the damage firsthand. His wife’s uncle’s name is engraved on one of the benches. “To have his memory and the memory of all his fallen brothers here defamed in this way is just reprehensible and disgraceful,” he said.

Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn served in the Navy for 24 years. He said, “This neighborhood sent a lot of young men overseas in support of our country. A lot of them didn’t come back but the ones that did come back wanted to make sure that those that didn’t, they would always be remembered.”

Residents were also upset by what they saw. “I wanted to cry, I still want to cry,” said Corey Morrissey Scott.

Another man said, “Disgusting. I drove right down here. Normally I walk in here every day.”

Mass. State Police are asking anyone with information to call them.

Comments (2)
  1. Steve Tindall says:

    First they came for our Confederate monuments calling them racist after over 100 years of remembrance and reverence. Then they attacked the WW1 monuments because they were shaped like a cross and demanded their removal. Now they’re going to attack WW2 monuments and remove them for “public safety” just like they’re doing down here. Wake up Ya’ll it was never about racism it’s about destroying our shared American history one piece at a time.

  2. Bill LeBeau says:

    I think they
    should try removing the grease with an automotive wax and grease remover (Prep-Sol, Prep-all) . Scrub it with the solvent using an acid brush and rinse it off with water. The thing is that it’s bad for the environment and would have to be cleaned up right away and disposed of properly after the cleaning.