By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady, as everyone knows, is a multi-sport athlete. He was drafted to play baseball for the Montreal Expos, and he’s carved out a moderately successful career as an NFL quarterback. Not bad.

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But the quarterback — as he does in most areas of his life — strives for more. And just like he might have done in high school, or at Michigan, or in his early Patriots days, he’s using failure as a motivator.

In this case, he’s using it to try to become a better ski jumper.

You may remember two years ago, when Brady happily shared a video of him crashing on a ski jump in Montana, spliced with a killer Kenny Loggins soundtrack and some South Park audio:

For a man who’s north of 40 who also relies on a healthy body in order to perform his job, one might assume that the quarterback would have retired from such daredevil stunts. Alas, that’s not Brady’s style.

The quarterback took to Instagram once again, only this time he posted a video before hitting the slopes. In the video, Brady said he was studying the tape of both his own failure and the success of fellow Under Armour athlete Lindsey Vonn to try to see where he went wrong in his previous jump.

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“I was taking way too much time getting into this jump, and I pushed off, I was way ahead of my skis, and then full left shoulder … that was a lot of pain,” Brady lamented. “And I’ve actually been studying Lindsey. And she’s just got a way bigger hill, way more speed, and she’s perfectly balanced.”

Brady’s conclusion was simple.

“So … I … way bigger hill, way more speed. That’s what it’s gotta be,” Brady said. “Let’s go!”

Brady received a cautionary comment from Dr. Eric Esrailian, a family friend who advised, “Don’t do it!”

Brady replied with some bad news for the doc: “Oh I’m gonna do it…”

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Tom Brady’s Instagram comment (Screen shot from Instagram/TomBrady)

Provided Brady makes it down the mountain in one piece out in Montana, and provided he avoids getting eaten by a bear, he’ll be under center for the Patriots in September for his 20th NFL season.