BOSTON (CBS) — Earlier this week, Michael Bennett said any speculation about his brother, Martellus, coming out of retirement to play with the Patriots was “fake news.” Marty B’s latest Instagram post seems to confirm that.

But even though Martellus won’t be catching passes from Tom Brady any time soon, the former tight end was willing and eager to dispense some advice about all of his former teammates, as well as Patriots staff members, so that his brother can go in prepared.

The Instagram post includes some photos of Michael speaking at Princeton earlier this week, and it includes detailed description of a number of Patriots. The note about Julian Edelman may be the best.

Martellus Bennett on …

Bill Belichick: “Just stay out of Bill’s way and he won’t f— with you. Although I think you both will have a lot to discuss as you both love history.”

Tom Brady:  “Real down to earth we bonded over interior decor you [two] will probably bond over traveling and places you love outside of the US.”

Julian Edelman: “Will probably piss you off one day don’t punch him. Lol. He just had one speed and that’s hard.”

Rob Gronkowski: “He’s a lot smarter than people think.”

The McCourty Twins: “Is a hater. Dev is but not Jason he cool.”

Dont’a Hightower:  “Smooth y’all will probably have the most in common on defense in style and demeanor as competitors.”

Patrick Chung: “Is a dog like you out there one of the toughest guys you’ll like playing with him.”

James Develin: “A good dude to talk to about life you’ll like him he has a thirst for growth as a human.”

Duron Harmon: “Has a wonderful family def take the kids over there.”

Miscellaneous: “Ted the nutritionist is dope he reads a lot as do you. He really knows his s—. Moses is a good dude but he be tripping with the workouts. Nancy I’m sure you meet her she’s the best. Darryl is my guy you’ll get to know him he’s the black trainer. Hahaha. They have the best training staff.”

Belichick assistant Berj Najarian: “Berj is the guy with all of the answers don’t believe the hype about anyone else being the person with answers. I plan on poaching him from Bill and the team one day to come help run things @theimaginationagency I told him this. 😂”

Life: “Live in Boston if you can no offense but Foxboro is not the place to be unless it’s game day. Lol. But yaayyyy I’m excited for you. I know there’s a lot of pressure to come in a city after I’ve left my mark of awesomeness there but just be yourself and they’ll love almost as much as they loved me. 🤣😂🤣”

Overall: “It’s a good group of guys that are very welcoming and just want to compete and win.”


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